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Mama, runner, photographer, vegetarian, art lover. Happy and content being, spiritual, evolving, and always a student of something. Family is most important to me, I have a need to travel and see the world, and am continually learning about myself. I love peanut butter and strawberries more than I probably should. I think in photographs; usually triptychs. I have a love affair with San Francisco and hope to never leave. Breakfast is my favorite meal; I often eat it for lunch and dinner, as well. I love, Love, LOVE live music, and Lewis Black makes me laugh.

It’s Alive!

After a long (four years, but who’s counting) hiatus, I’m attempting to resurrect the blog. This is something I’ve had in my thoughts for over a year, but haven’t made the time until now. But let’s not get ahead of … Continue reading

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A Day of Reflection: My Dads

I was going to (finally) publish my New Year’s post but, instead of doing final edits on that one, I realized that I felt compelled to write about something else that seemed more important. Today is my first dad’s birthday. … Continue reading

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California International Marathon 2012 — Mile by Mile…

It’s no surprise, really. I’m still terrible at finding the time to write posts. And while I have the hope that I will catch up one of these days, frankly, the number of half-written posts sitting in my draft box … Continue reading

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The San Francisco Marathon: Final thoughts

So I’ve made it through taper week and I’ve arrived at the maybe more nerve-racking night before the race. My good friend Kim asked me today, “Do you ever get nervous?” To which I replied, “OF COURSE!”. It’s a different … Continue reading

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“Taper Madness”

Let’s ignore the fact that I suck at keeping up with a blog. And let’s definitely ignore all the reasons that my personal life has given me to suck at it (maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to write … Continue reading

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Who, What, Where, When and Why?

It’s taken me a long time to get this blog up and running. So long that I’m not even going to tell you how long because, well, it’s ridiculous. I have a long list of ideas for posts and this one … Continue reading

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