The San Francisco Marathon: Final thoughts

So I’ve made it through taper week and I’ve arrived at the maybe more nerve-racking night before the race. My good friend Kim asked me today, “Do you ever get nervous?” To which I replied, “OF COURSE!”.

It’s a different kind of nervous now than when I first started doing this. And full marathons are the only races that can get me nervous now, everything else I’m just excited to run.  What continues to make me nervous is that unknown. But that’s also part of the challenge and the journey. And I’m sure that’s what keeps me coming back to the start line – aside from always wanting my “best” to be better.

So as I lay down to get some sleep, I have many thoughts… I will rest in the knowledge that I’ve done everything I could to make the best of a challenging training cycle, that I will give it my all tomorrow and I will trust that I can and will get to that finish line. I will look forward to seeing so many friends at the start line, on the course and at the finish. I’m excited to see what the day has in store for everyone and I will look forward to celebrating after the race because it’s shaping up to be an amazing day filled with PR’s for so many. I will be excited to have, for the first time all together, my parents and Layne waiting for me at the finish line. As I go along, I will picture Layne’s sweet face, beautiful smile and infectious laugh – especially if the miles get tough. I will remember that part of why I do this is because it’s one way I can teach him to never give up and that he can do anything he wants.

Which brings me to a quote I came across a few years ago when I first got into the craziness of long distance running, and has continued to be one of my favorites:

“Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.” Dean Karnazes



About Karin

Mama, runner, photographer, vegetarian, art lover. Happy and content being, spiritual, evolving, and always a student of something. Family is most important to me, I have a need to travel and see the world, and am continually learning about myself. I love peanut butter and strawberries more than I probably should. I think in photographs; usually triptychs. I have a love affair with San Francisco and hope to never leave. Breakfast is my favorite meal; I often eat it for lunch and dinner, as well. I love, Love, LOVE live music, and Lewis Black makes me laugh.
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